DIY Glitter Nail Rhinestones Decorations Dotting Tool Water Transfer Sticker Decal Nail Line Tape Striping Nails Sanding Buffing File Beauty Accessories Nail Art Set Kit (Style 1)

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Nail Decoration Set

/ 100 (Available)
Package Included: 1*Dotting pen 5*Decoration Rhinestones 1* Nail striping line 1* Nail file 1* Nail buffing Tools 1* Nails sticker pusher 8* Nail sticker Dotting Pen 2way DOTTING Pen Marbleizing Tool Nail Art Dot Paint set of 5pcs nail art dotting tools with 2 ends length: approx 13cm one end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one for various marbleizing work Nail Rhinestones Diameter: Approx 6 cm Clean the surface of your nails, brush the base polish, and place it onto nails A full suite of 3-D decorations,these items come in an ingenious case with a rotating lid that only exposes one small compartment at a time Nail striping line 10 different colors rolls, Easy to create your unique style Nail sanding file Size:approx 0.3"*0.06"*0.013" Professional Slim Sandpaper Nail File Sandpaper on surface, foam on second layer, plastic in middle-level. Resistance to fracture. Nail buffing Size:approx 0.3"*0.06"*0.023" Colors: Green + White Sandpaper on surface, all you creat a polishing,shiner nail art Nail Art Stickers Great for nail art decoration with nail polish ,UV gel,acrylic nail,etc. to create a fresh image. 1. Removing the sticker on the surface of a layer of transparent film; 2. Cut out your favorite sticker group; 3. Soak in water for 10 to 20 seconds, stir with forceps to separate design and stickers. Soaking in the winter need relatively long; 4. Use tweezers to take out the already separation membrane paste; 5. Smooth on fingernail surface natural air drying or use a blow dry at a distance;

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